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How Does My Age Affect My Naples Florida Divorce?Elderly or grey divorces are becoming more and more common. Age can be a factor in Florida divorces insofar as it impacts ali...Florida Child Support After Age 18Child support is money owed by one parent to the other parent for the purpose of supporting the child that the other parent i...My Spouse Is Pretending He/She Doesnt Make Any Money To Avoid Paying Alimony. What can I do in the Naples Florida courts to stop this?Divorce is hard. In fact, it’s devastating. While some people distract themselves by throwing themselves into their work, oth...Cohabitation And Alimony In FloridaAlmost every Florida divorce has the possibility of an alimony award from one spouse to the other. “In a proceeding for disso...Temporary Child Support In A Florida DivorceWhen two parents get divorced in Florida, one parent inevitably leaves the house and the kids. Those kids still need food, cl...Can My Spouse Pay My Attorneys Fees During A Florida DivorceYou are going to have to pay your divorce lawyer something for them to start working on your Florida divorce. If you do not h...Temporary Alimony In A Florida DivorceWhen a divorce is filed in Florida, one party usually moves away. One household becomes two households. But, there is usually...The Florida Divorce Court Process From Start To FinishWhile most of my previous articles describe how Florida law is applied in a divorce case. It is very difficult to describe ac...What Are Grandparents Rights In Naples Florida?What are a Grandparent’s rights in Florida? For hundreds of thousands of years, children have relationships with other adults...Exclusive Possession Of The Marital Home In A Florida DivorceThere is not an official law regarding changing the locks or keeping the house during a Florida divorce. The issue of whether...I Was Served With Divorce Papers in Naples Collier County Florida. What Do I Do?What Are The Grounds For Divorce In Florida?What Is Required In A Petition For Modification Of Custody/Parenting Time In Naples Florida?Who Pays For College Expenses In A Florida Divorce?In Florida Can I Sue The Person Who Stole My Husband or Wife From Me?Bigamy And Divorce In FloridaFlorida vs. Illinois Divorce LawsWhen Theres No Court Order Who Has Custody Of The Child In Naples Florida.